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It is customary for the people of the diocese welcoming a new bishop to join in giving the new bishop various signs of the episcopal office and vestments they will use in their ministry.  We are honored to be gifting Bishop-elect Jeff with his episcopal ring and purple set of vestments to be used during Advent and Lent on parish visitations.

The vestments are being designed and made by vestment artisan Patrick Boylan, out of Brooklyn, New York. The set will include a chasuble, two priest stoles and a deacon’s stole. It will be accompanied by a plain white miter, the customary choice of miter for the Advent and Lenten seasons.

The episcopal ring is a traditional signet ring. It will feature the diocesan seal (in reverse) on its face and will be used to create wax seals. One side of the ring will have engraved on it an ox yoke, an important symbol from the Bishop-elect’s years spent in ministry at the Episcopal Conference Center in Pascoag, RI. The other side of the ring will feature a nutmeg branch, in reference to Connecticut as “The Nutmeg State.” Together, they remind the Bishop-elect where his ministry began, and where it has sent him to serve.