Discovering God in Our Relationships

Written and Voiced by Margaret Sipple, a member of the Creation Care Network and a parishioner at Trinity Episcopal Church, Branford.

Back in the 1980s when I served on the staff of Bishop Mark Dyer in the Diocese of Bethlehem, I asked him one day why Christianity had come to describe God as Trinity. His reply was that we human beings cannot begin to comprehend the nature of God as Love unless we understand that God is discovered in our relationships.

In the past several years, I have come to notice God’s presence not only in my relationships with family, friends, and neighbors but also in the relationships I experience with the squirrels, birds, bushes, and flowers in my back yard. Watching and interacting directly with these beautiful neighbors never fails to refresh my soul. It has become a new and indispensable way for me to experience our God of love.

When I was growing up and well into my adulthood, I had no idea that the way we were living our lives was heading us all into a precipitous rise in the Earth’s temperature. Now in my eighties, I have come to understand this hardest of realities. I have also learned that, if we are to interrupt this rise in global temperature and keep the Earth as a sustainable home for our young people, the time to act is now. 

Climate scientists are telling us that this is the decade in which we will set the thermostat for future generations. If we are to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Accord, we need to reduce our carbon emissions in half by 2030. To accomplish this goal, we need to work together as individuals, as communities, and as countries around the globe.

Because of this urgency, this is a Lent when you and I must examine our relationship to Creation, to repent from old ways that exploited Earth’s gifts and commit to new ways of restoring them. And in making these difficult but necessary changes, we will surely discover anew our deep and eternal connection to the Loving God of all Creation.

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