Investing with D&B

To learn more about how D&B help can support God’s mission in your parish or institution contact the Director of Operations for Donations and Bequests.

Donations & Bequests (D&B) offers ECCT parishes and institutions access to professional investment management services and a portfolio of investment options normally only available to the largest investment funds.

As a result of its significant combined portfolio of over $150 million in assets, D&B is able to offer low management and custodial fees to its participants. D&B’s hybrid allocation to active management and index funds also enables our participants to earn better than index performance over the long term. In addition, D&B maintains records of original donor instructions and assists parishes in keeping faith with these gifts and maintaining trust for those who may consider making gifts in the future.

In 2018, D&B’s Trustees established a new investment option available to our participants. Guided by the values of The Episcopal Church, the “Values Investing Fund” is tailored to make investments which create shareholder value and support sustainable environmental stewardship, equitable social justice and responsibility, and best practices in corporate governance.

D&B’s “Value Investing Fund” environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria:

  • Organizations, companies, and corporations who have adapted operations and distribution practices to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Organizations, companies, and corporations who pursue employment practices, workplace standards, and subcontractor agreements which provide for reasonable working conditions; offer products and services which provide clear benefits to their customers; and are active supporters of their communities.
  • Organizations, companies, and corporations who have adopted enlightened corporate governance practices including diversity and inclusion on corporate boards and board-level oversight of robust management practices and business risks.