ECCT Stories: Sharing Our Story

Welcome to the new home of ECCT Stories on our newly updated website!

As you’ve likely discovered by now, there are many new features included in this website. And there’s one you may not have stumbled upon just yet: Sharing Our Story.

The Sharing Our Story pages are all about “Who We Are”—Our Past, Our Present, and Our Future.

We hope you’ll take a few moments and explore “Our Past,” and maybe discover something you didn’t know before.

You’re in “Our Present” right now! Our stories, blogs, and vlogs are our present, telling the stories of our life together and where we see and experience God moving amongst us.

And while both of these pages, “Our Past” and “Our Present” are, and will continue to, share “our story” as followers of Christ in the Episcopal Way in Connecticut, there is one other page you may be wondering about—”Our Future”.

“Our Future” is about all of us. It is an interactive space where we share our hopes and aspirations for our diocese as followers of Jesus in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. “Our Future” invites us to share, listen, watch, and pray with one another for the future we dream of. And then, to step forward boldly in the name of Christ to bring “Our Future” into “Our Present.”

So stop by, watch, listen, read, and pray…and then share your dream for “Our Future.”

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