We Embrace

ECCT is part of the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement. We are learning, growing, and moving forward.

In September 2021, our Presiding Bishop, the Most Rev. Michael Curry, invited us to once again “reimagine ourselves as the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement, a community of followers who live Jesus’s Way of Love.”

Diane Villano, Christ and The Epiphany Church, East Haven

Together with Episcopalians across the globe we strive to…

Center on Jesus Christ.

His teachings, his example, his Spirit, his way of love and his way of life are the key to having loving, liberating and life-giving relationships with God, our neighbors, all of creation, and ourselves.

Practice the selfless, self-giving way of the cross.

The way of “cruciform love”—Jesus’ act of unselfish, sacrificial, self-offering love, or losing one’s life in order to gain it— is our way to authentic life.

Unite around the practice of a rule of life in small gathered communities.

These kinds of groups—small circles of people who support each other in following Jesus with intention and accountability— are necessary for cultivating Christ-centered life.

Reclaim our Christian identity as a Spirit-driven, countercultural, underground movement.

We must break free of the church’s identification with domination systems, empire, establishment, privilege, and social and cultural traditions that have held us captive— and get back in touch with the risk-taking, liberating ways of Jesus.

Live and bear bold witness to the vision and values of Jesus.

We point to the reality of the kingdom (the peaceable reign) of God, and we seek to embody the beloved community, where each person strives for and celebrates the dignity and flourishing of every beloved child of God as much as we do for ourselves.