Observance of the 175th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery in Connecticut

Written, Filmed, and Photographed by: Caela Collins

On Sunday, January 14th at Christ Church Cathedral, Hartford, we reflected on a significant milestone in our diocesan history: the 175th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in CT. We were filled with both gratitude for the progress we’ve made and a deep sense of responsibility for the work that lies ahead. This observance is a symbol of the beginning of a journey that calls our attention to Lamentation, Healing, and Celebration. The service does not mean to suggest that we have achieved a goal, but that we strive to seek visible and concrete ways to make amends with our history and our people.

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The Reverend Canon Harlon Dalton

“I am still basking in the afterglow.  The service was rich, honest, and deeply rooted in our faith.  Food for the mind.  Food for the heart.  Food for the road ahead.  La luta continua.” 

The Reverend Canon D Littlepage

“I was moved by the service, and grateful for the thoughtfulness that went into crafting the flow of music, prayers, scriptures, and meditations. As I prepare to join the staff of ECCT as Canon for Advocacy, Racial Justice, and Reconciliation, I was excited to see the collaboration among the Ministry Networks that were involved. The service was a wonderful reminder that I am stepping into a stream of intention and action that has already been flowing and filled me with hope that Episcopalians across Connecticut have not grown weary but instead are committed to the continued work of shaping the world around us more and more into a reflection of the Reign of God.”

How ECCT is Continuing the Work:

At the 2023 239th Annual Convention, Resolution 6 was passed, acknowledging the 175th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the State of Connecticut. This resolution led to an acknowledgement of the pain and injustice of Connecticut’s 200+ year legacy of slavery and the complicity of the leaders and members of The Episcopal Church.

Further regarding this: in “2020, the 236th Convention overwhelmingly passed Resolution 7, which directed the bishops to create a task force as to reparations by ECCT in partial compensation for 400 years of discrimination and bias based on race.” This led to the passing of Resolution 5, where the 239th Convention of ECCT requested that the Mission Council appropriate an additional $10,000 for a reparation fund.

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