Poem: “Likeness”

A Poem Written By: Caela Collins


A poem about the likeness between trees and humans by Caela Collins. Earth Day 2023

Like Trunks We stand tall and Like their stumps, sometimes we fall short.
In moments of despair, we bow our heads deep down into our shoulder blades and weep Like Willows.

Like blowing leaves, We shiver in the frigid wind when it grazes our epidermis.
We stretch to the morning sun Like broken seeds.

Like roots, We constantly thirst for more.
And Like bark, our palms hold lines.
Sometimes we forget how much trees are like humans.

We don’t stop to listen to their jokes or join in on the laughter & applause from the rustling leaves.
We don’t pay attention to the polite waves from their swaying branches in our windows.
We look at them every day but don’t truly see them for who they are.

How lonely it must be for the Trees.  

Unlike Trees, we hide from the rain, which storms under the clouds and within our hearts.
We don’t recognize brokenness as an opportunity for a new life like the sprout from a seedling.

Unlike leaves, we don’t go where the wind takes us.
We’d rather plaster on fake smiles and oversaturate ourselves with superficial needs than hold on tight to what naturally nourishes our soul.

And like stained wood flooring or beautified headboards on that home decoration channel, we are disconnected from our roots.
Sometimes we forget how much humans can learn from trees.

How Lonely it must be for the Humans.

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