Property Improvement Grant

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Grant applications close: December 31

About ECCT’s Property Improvement Grants

ECCT’s Property Improvement Grants are available to parishes in good standing with financial assets less than $2M. Grants are in the form of reimbursements for up to 50% of the cost of a construction or renovation project which have been completed in the current calendar year, with no award to exceed $8,000. Grant awards depend on availability of funds and are not guaranteed.

Grant applications are accepted via the online form between early June and December 31 each year. Hard copy or email submissions and late applications will not be considered.

Once received, applications are reviewed by ECCT’s Finance Committee and recommendations on award amounts made to Mission Council based on availability of funds and number of requesting parishes. Mission Council will then vote on the grant awards recommended by the Finance Committee. Notification of awards can be expected in early April.

Application Requirements

  • Parishes must be in Good Standing with financial assets less than $2M to qualify for the Property Improvement Grant.
  • Expenses must have been incurred
  • Parishes may apply for a Property Improvement Grant and Technology, Security & Fire Safety Grant in the same calendar year, but each grant must be for a different project. If your project involved technology, security, or fire safety, consider the Technology, Security & Fire Safety Grant before applying for the Property Improvement Grant.
  • All applications must be accompanied by proof of payment in form of paid invoices or receipts which must be uploaded as part of the application process.
  • In order to expediate payments should the grant be approved, please ensure your parish has an updated ACH/Direct Deposit Form on file with ECCT. Updates are generally only required if your parish has had a change in its banking information in the last calendar year.

Download fillable ACH/Direct Deposit form