Southwest Shared Ministry

Christ Church Easton’s Mission School in Haiti

In 2008, a Haitian American nurse’s aide named Rose worked for one of our elderly parishioners. As she got closer to the family, she told them about her Holy Trinity mission back home to feed children, assist with minor health care, and provide an after-school tutoring program, which she alone supported from her salary. The people of Christ Church began raising money to give her a hand and when the earthquake of 2010 hit Haiti, she lost the small hut she had rented for the school room. Because she had family land in the nearby town, she began building a school of cement bricks in Petit Paradis. Rose had great faith and was determined to succeed. Little by little, fund raiser after fund raiser, the school got walls, tables and a roof. Christ Church’s Vestry formally named Holy Trinity School a mission of our church. We collect school supplies each year that Rose ships down to Haiti along with clothing, shoes, and other necessary items. Christ Church welcomes any support from Connecticut parishes who are interested in helping. For more information contact Vicki MarkAnthony, Senior Warden at