Turning Towards the North: Navajoland Takes Another Step Towards Becoming a Missionary Diocese

Written by Sarah Louise Woodford, Canon for Communications & Media

After Wednesday’s morning session, the Reverend Rowena Kemp, one of ECCT’s deputies, met Stacey Kohl and I off the House of Deputies’ floor and introduced us to members of the deputation from Navajoland, who the day before took the next step towards becoming a Missionary Diocese. Once the House of Bishops votes to concur, Navajoland will gain seat, voice, and vote at The General Convention. Even more important for those who call Navajoland home, they will finally be able to call their own bishop, instead of having one assigned to them from the outside. With me on camera, and Stacey filming, we learned more about these amazing deputies and their work, as well as their ancestors, who engaged in the work before them.

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut also has a connection to Navajoland. The Reverend H. Baxter Liebler (1889-1982) was a Connecticut priest who worked closely with the Diné of Navajoland (this is preferred to the term Navajo). Before moving west, he founded St. Saviour’s Episcopal Church in Old Greenwich, CT.

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