Parochial Report

From The General Convention of The Episcopal Church:
The filing site for the 2023 Parochial Report is now open for congregations to begin reporting their data.

Reports from congregations are due by March 1 and must be submitted on the filing site. Dioceses have until May 1 to review and finalize parochial reports to the General Convention Office. For more information, please see the Parochial Report Information page on the General Convention website. Resources there include the login link, a PDF copy of the 2023 Parochial Report, and step-by-step instructions to help you navigate the online forms. 

Some sections of the Parochial Report have been revised, and the report includes both qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data is being collected through narrative questions along with the quantitative data that has been gathered historically. The Parochial Report is the oldest, continuous gathering of data by The Episcopal Church. 

Parochial Report Canonical Requirements

ECCT Canons related to Parochial Reports


Section 1. Every Minister of this Church shall keep a register of all the baptisms, marriages and funerals solemnized by the said minister, specifying the names of the parties married, of those baptized, and of their sponsors, and of the persons buried, and the time when each rite was performed. If the Minister be in charge of a Parish, such minister shall make these entries in the Parish Register, and shall also enter therein the names of persons confirmed, and shall keep in the said Register a list of the Communicants and a list of the families belonging to the Parish; which Register, in case of the Minister’s departure from the Parish, shall be deposited with one of the Wardens; and in such case, the Wardens shall cause all necessary entries to be made in the Register until clergy shall be again in charge of the Parish.

Section 2. The Parochial Report for the year ending December 31st shall be sent each year in duplicate to the Bishop Diocesan, or, if there be no Bishop Diocesan, to the Secretary of the Diocese, in the form prescribed by the Canons of the General Convention.

Section 3. All clergy, not serving in a Parish or Worshiping Community, shall report the occasional services performed; and if that minister has performed no such services, the causes or reasons which have prevented the same. As the Bishops direct, these reports may be given to Convention or entered in the Journal of Convention.

Section 4. At every visitation it shall be the duty of the Minister of the Parish or Worshiping Community, or of some other officer to submit the Parish Register to the visiting Bishop for inspection, and to give information on the state of the Congregation, spiritual and temporal, under such headings as shall have been previously signified to them in writing by the Bishop. The offering taken in any Parish or Worshiping Community at the time of any visitation shall be given to whatever recipient the Bishop shall designate.

Questions about Parochial Reports? Contact ECCT’s Data Analyst Manager.