Standing Committee

The Standing Committee has three main functions: oversight, advice, and in the absence of any bishop, ecclesiastical authority of the diocese.

The committee must consent to elections of bishops throughout The Episcopal Church; to matters regarding disposition of church property including any encumbrances, openings, or closings, to candidacy and ordination of deacons and priests; and to appointments to major boards. They also may meet regularly with the diocesan bishop as a confidential council of advice.

Meetings are listed on the diocesan calendar, and are generally at 6:30 PM of the third Thursday of the month, except in October or November when they may meet after the conclusion of the Annual Convention on a Saturday, and in July and August only as needed. Four times a year, the Standing Committee meets on a Saturday with other groups that make up the Joint Leadership of ECCT. 

Standing Committee Members

  • The Rev. Derek StefanovskyPresident
  • Zachary KohlSecretary
  • Madeleine Anderson
  • June Aziz
  • Jennifer Bassett
  • The Rev. Darryl Burke
  • Suzy Burke
  • The Rev. Don Burr
  • The Rev. John Kennedy
  • The Rev. José Martinez
  • The Rev. Jean Baptiste Rock
  • Pam Williams